The Quest for the 

Ring of 


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Earn the Ring by Completing Our Virtual Labs

To access the power of this ring, you must complete the following steps: 

Sign up for the Quest by using the form below

Complete our  Instruqt labs  

Take the Instruqt quiz at the end of the labs

Once you complete these steps, you will have completed the quest! A Ring of Kubernetes will be forged in the fires of Mount Kube and shipped to you.  





What will I learn in the Instruqt labs? 

How long will the labs take me? 

Once I complete the labs and the quiz, how long until I receive my ring?  

How many times can I complete the quest?

Can I share the quest with friends?

What if you can't ship the ring to me?

The Instruqt labs will teach you the fundamentals of using the Replicated platform. This includes deploying a hello world application, using the Replicated CLI, and deploying a Helm based app. To complete the labs, you do not need any prior experience with our platform.

This quest is closed. If you'd like to learn more about Replicated, shoot us an email at

We anticipate the labs taking between 5 and 10 hours to complete. But, every person goes at a different pace.

The rings are custom made. Because of this, it may take while for you to receive your ring after you complete the quest. Once you complete the quest, someone on our team will reach out to learn your ring size and schedule shipping.

Every person can complete the quest and earn the Ring of Kubernetes 1 time. Discovery of someone attempting to earn multiple rings will result in suspension from this and future quests.

If you have friends who would enjoy completing the labs and earning a ring, let someone on our team know! If they're a good fit, we will send them an invite to complete the quest.

We anticipate being able to ship rings around the world, but if for some reason we can't get a ring to you we will provide a prize of equal monetary value.

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The fated Ring of Kubernetes holds great power, and we must act quickly to ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands. Will you answer the call and join us on this quest?

 Limited to the the first 100 participants.