RepliCon Q3

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Thursday, September 29th, 2022
9:00am PT  |  12:00pm ET


Hosted by Grant Miller, CEO and Co-Founder of Replicated

Whether you’re new to Replicated or have 100 customers installed, there’s always more to learn. Join us to discover essential features, best practices for docs, and support tips and tricks.

Gain insider insight so you can get the most value out of Replicated. We'll show case new product features and best practices.

Get direct access to personally pick the brains of our CEO, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer.

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Driving Customer Success with Replicated

A dedicated keynote of all of the latest and greatest additions to the Replicated platform; including new features, customer success stories, and even a surprise (or two!)

Amber Alston

VP of Product Management

Breakout Sessions
Dalia Havens

VP of Engineering

Featuring product and business tracks covering everything from technology how-tos, best practices, and an analysis on a recent industry survey.

Alex Parker

Senior Product Manager

10 features you need to know about

Replicated continuously introduces new capabilities to meet your requirements. Join to learn about 10 product features everyone should be using. Plus a preview of 3 big things to come!

Paige Calvert

Senior Technical Writer

Creating install docs for your customers

For best results, you should have customer-facing docs that describe the install process, and how to do updates and create support bundles. We’ll go through the best practices to educate your customer.

Grayson Null

Senior Product Designer

Branding your installer

To make a seamless experience for your customers, you can apply your own brand to your installer. Learn how to modify the look and feel to include your logo and palette.

Chris Sanders

Director, Customer Reliability Engineering

Efficiently scaling your customer support process

Solving inevitable support issues quickly is the key to delivering customer satisfaction. Join our own support team for advice on how to identify and resolve problems without burdening your engineers.

Dexter Horthy

VP Customer Engineering

Getting help from the Replicated team

Sometimes everyone needs a little help. Learn about best practices for opening support or docs requests, escalating, leveraging the community site, and more. 







Intro to Replicated


10 features you need to know about


Creating install docs for your customers


Fun break activity


Onboarding your team into support


Getting help from the Replicated team (escalating, community, etc.)


Branding your installer


Customer spotlight


Executive roundtable


Applying devops principles to distributing K8s apps


Closing remarks


Live field labs