RepliCon Q2

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Thursday, June 23, 2022
1:00pm PT  |  4:00pm ET


Hosted by Grant Miller, CEO and Co-Founder of Replicated

Join us! We’ll showcase new product features, hear from a Replicated customer on how they’ve increased adoption rates, and much more!

Gain insider insight so you can get the most value out of Replicated. We'll show case new product features and best practices.

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Getting More Value From Replicated

A dedicated keynote of all of the latest and greatest additions to the Replicated platform; including new features, customer success stories, and even a surprise (or two!)

Amber Alston

VP of Product Management

Breakout Sessions
Nikki Rouda

VP of Product Marketing

Featuring product and business tracks covering everything from technology how-tos, best practices, and an analysis on a recent industry survey.

Justin Nordeste

Senior Product Manager

Alpha/Beta features update – what should we ship next?

Get an insider’s look at the features currently under consideration, in early development, and ready for live testing. Here’s your chance to see what is currently available to be explored and collaborate with us on solutions to help solve your biggest problems. We’ll also briefly recap some features that (with your input) have made it to GA recently! Learn about our alpha/beta program phases and how you can join too!

Chris Sanders

Director Customer Reliability Engineering

Resolve customer issues faster with support bundles

Want to reduce engineering effort and the time-to-resolution for customer problems? Support bundles help eliminate the back and forth in collecting logs and environmental information so you can quickly isolate root causes without compromising sensitive details. Deliver faster fixes and self-remediation analyzers to delight your customers.

Alex Parker

Senior Product Manager

Increase installation success with custom host and app preflight checks

Customer environments can vary wildly, but preflight checks can greatly improve installation success rates by ensuring that requirements are met before installing. Give your customers a better experience, fewer support escalations, and faster time-to-live for both POCs and production installations with host and app preflight checks designed around the specific requirements of your application and your Kubernetes installer.

Marc Campbell

Co-Founder & CTO

A new way to distribute and install helm charts via Replicated

As more enterprise software consumers standardize around Helm charts, Replicated is continuing to build out new capabilities for Helm support. In this session we’ll go deep on an exciting new alpha feature that is still in active development--the ability to directly distribute Helm charts and do a `helm install`. Learn about how you can provide design input as we continue development on this new capability.

Dexter Horthy

VP Customer Engineering

Driving a Great Customer Experience

Learn about tools like Replicated’s OSS Field labs that will quickly upskill your customer-facing teams to co-own the reliability of your field-deployed software. The impact of this includes an improved customer experience, reduced support burden, and significantly less time spent getting software up and running in customer environments.

David Hallinan

Director of Content Strategy

The State of Software Distribution 2022

Join us as we review the results of our newest industry survey of over 550 software vendors about the current state of their software distribution efficiency and scale. Learn how Replicated customers are delivering faster and more efficiently than the general industry. 

Customer Spotlight

Wallaroo will join us to detail the launch of their Wallaroo Community Edition, built using Replicated’s community licensing features. Learn how to increase adoption and trustability through this powerful licensing feature.